作品名 「エスポワール」
サブタイトル 〜 希望への道
委嘱団体 札幌創成高等学校吹奏楽部 第10回記念定期演奏会 委嘱
作品No 131
作曲年 2012
グレード 2
演奏時間 約3分10秒
演奏可能最低人数 20人
参考音源 デ・ハスケ
楽譜出版 デ・ハスケ
解説 ■「エスポワール」〜 希望への道 


■ L’Espoir

 This piece, composed in 2012 by Satoshi Yagisawa, was commissioned for the 10th Anniversary regular concert of the Sapporo Sosei High School Wind Ensemble, located in Hokkaido, in the far north of Japan. It was premiered by the ensemble under the direction of their teacher, Yuji Itakura. When Itakura commissioned the piece from the composer, he included the following three requirements: it should be a short and familiar-sounding piece and easy to listen to; it should be appropriate as a choral exercise of the basic ensemble; and could also be played as an encore in their regular concert of each year. Yagisawa composed a wonderfully warm piece of music to fulfil all these conditions and named it L’Espoir as a goodwill wish for the students. L’Espoir is also suitable as a concert interlude.


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