作品名 愛の歌
作品No 004
作曲年 2005
楽譜出版 【デ・ハスケ】楽譜はテーヌ商会まで 03-3667-2688
編成 テューバ&ピアノ
解説 大阪シンフォニカー交響楽団テューバ奏者である潮見裕章さんの委嘱で作曲。

A number of years ago, I received an e-mail from Mr Hiroaki Shiomi, the tuba player of The Orchestra Osaka Symphoniker.He wrote that he had heard a recording of my composition for band called A Tone Poem for Wind Orchestra ミ And Then the Ocean Glows (2002), and he was moved to tears. At the time, I was still a newcomer and my compositions were rarely performed. I had never received such a message before, and I remember that I was delighted; this encouraged me more than
anything else.

Hiroaki Shiomi loves band music very much and teaches younger musicians to provide music that moves listeners. We have similar musical ideas and goals. I meet with Hiroaki Shiomi every time I visit Kansai, and we talk about music.I was asked by this enthusiastic tuba player to write a warm and beautiful piece for F tuba and piano for his first solo album.I was pleased to write a composition for him ミ which was Love Song. Shiomi’s warm and gentle tone will surely fascinate many listeners, just like my music moved him. I hope that this piece will be included in the repertoire of tuba players all over the world.

Satoshi Yagisawa


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